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Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt Wrote the Book on Hearsay

Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt Wrote the Book on Hearsay

Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt Wrote the Book on HearsayLawyers and law students everywhere shudder when they think about hearsay. This complex evidence rule excludes “he said/she said” evidence unless the circumstances of the statement prove that it is particularly reliable. But the general rule is riddled with exceptions and exclusions that make TV court’s “Objection, Hearsay!” laughable in its simplicity.That’s whyMichigan’s Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) has asked Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt of Schmidt Law Services, PLLC, to write an entire chapter on the rule in its new Michigan Courtroom Evidence Annotated.

ICLE  is the go-to resource for attorneys across the state when they are dealing with tricky legal issues. It provides written and online resources to law firms across the state, and hosts seminars on everything from running a practice to substantive area updates. ICLE prides itself for being:

“[T]he leading provider of how-to solutions that harness the wisdom of Michigan’s leading practitioners. Our practical tools save you time and give you confidence in the advice you’re giving.”

Now ICLE has asked attorney Lisa J. Schmidt of Schmidt Law Services to contribute to its recent Michigan Courtroom Evidence Annotated. The newly released 5th Edition features an entire chapter on hearsay. Schmidt breaks down the law with all its exclusions and exceptions, and provides lawyers with a clear guide to the cases that apply. Her chapter also addresses when the United States Constitution can override the Michigan Rules of Evidence through the Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause. Schmidt says:

“It is an honor to write for ICLE, especially on such a tricky issue. Understanding the rules of evidence is so important to representing my clients well. I was happy to be able to help other lawyers do the same.”

When you are looking for an attorney to handle a complex legal matter, it is important to know that the person you are sitting down with knows the law. When your divorce or juvenile delinquency matter goes to trial, mastery of the rules of evidence will be the difference between an effective lawyer and an unfavorable decision. Lisa J. Schmidt of Schmidt Law Services, PLLC, is an evidence expert who can prove your case and help you get the results you need. If you want a hearsay expert working on your case, contact Schmidt Law Services today for a consultation.

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