Is There a Right to Education?

Do Michigan students have a right to education?Do Michigan students have a right to education? Top students’ rights advocates have taken on this important issue, but earlier this month, their efforts hit a road block. Read the full post »

Is It Okay to Say “No Thanks” to Custody?

It is ok for moms and dads to say no thanks to custodyA divorce without kids is all about dividing assets and debts, but as soon as kids get involved, custody inevitably becomes the big issue. So what do you do if you are a parent who doesn’t want custody? Is it okay to say “no thanks”? Read the full post »

Ferndale Schools Close Digital Learning Center over Gun Incident

Gun Incident Closes Ferndale Digital Learning CenterIt may be easy to tune out school violence on the news, but when it happens in your own back yard it can become impossible to ignore. For the Ferndale School District, a recent near miss has sent a clear message. On November 7, 2014, the district announced it would close its Digital Learning Center.

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In Revocation of Paternity Cases, Conception Date is Key

Conception date is key to a biological father's rights under the Revocation of Paternity ActWhat does it matter whether a child was conceived during or after a marriage? Doesn’t the Revocation of Paternity Act erase that difference? A recent Court of Appeals decision says the conception date is the key to determining a biological father’s right to seek paternity. Read the full post »

6th Circuit Judges Won’t Rule for Marriage Equality, But They Might Vote For It

6th Circuit Upholds Gay Marriage BansLate on Thursday, November 6th, 2014, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals made history by being the first court of appeals to uphold a gay marriage ban since the Supreme Court struck down DOMA. The decision may force the Supreme Court to decide the issue sooner than it would have liked. Read the full post »

Teens Suspended for Homecoming Airsoft Photo

Students Suspended for AirSoft Homecoming Photo

Image Source: The Huffington Post

Has America become so super-sensitized to school shootings that the words gun and school can’t be safely used together? This may sound like an overstatement, but recently 2 teens were suspended for pairing AirSoft pellet guns with the word “Homecoming 2014.” But did the school go too far? Read the full post »

Your Vote Tomorrow Could Change Marriage Equality

file0001083121666The President may not be up for a vote, but with governors, representatives, and judges on the ballot, tomorrow’s election could change the climate of marriage equality in Michigan. Find out where they stand and then look up where to vote before the polls open in the morning. Read the full post »

Driver Beware: Michigan Authorizes Roadside Drug Tests

Don't refuse road side drug testsIt’s been the law in Michigan that your license can be suspended if you refuse to take a Preliminary Breath Test for alcohol. But a new law will add drug testing to the mix. Know your rights and responsibilities at a traffic stop. Read the full post »

Michigan Passes Tough Laws Against Human Trafficking

Michigan cracks down on human traffickingHuman trafficking has been gaining visibility over the past several years. Federal and state law enforcement have wrestled with how to track, charge, and convict offenders without bringing more harm to the victims. Now they will have new tools since the Michigan legislature has passed some of the toughest laws in the country to help stop the abuse. Read the full post »

Before Your Family Lawyer Initial Consultation

What can you do before your initial consultation?A lot of law firms, including Schmidt Law Services, PLLC, offer free initial consultations in family law cases. But what you get out of that consultation will depend on how you prepare for the appointment. Here are 3 questions you should be ready to ask and answer: Read the full post »