A Muslim Student, a Clock, and a Lesson on School Justice

A Muslim Student, a Clock, and a Lesson on School JusticeA young Muslim student was arrested and suspended recently when an English teacher thought a homemade clock looked like a bomb. The incident raised concerns of discrimination and Islamophobia. But what is the arrest telling the students of MacArthur High School about school justice? Read the full post »

Do Long Jail Sentences Prevent Juvenile Crime?

Do Longer Jail Sentences Prevent Juvenile Crime?A teen breaks the law, gets caught, is arrested and eventually goes to jail (specifically a juvenile detention center). What is it that keeps him from doing it all over again once he is released? Will a longer jail sentence set her straight? A new Department of Justice report says no. Read the full post »

Religion, the Constitution, and Kim Davis

Religion, the Constitution, and Kim DavisI was going to leave it alone. I was going to let Kim Davis’s protest of the United States Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision go without comment, figuring it would work itself out eventually. Then she ignored a court order and was held in contempt and her supporters began yelling about religious persecution. Read the full post »

Michigan's New Sentencing Rules Aren't Better for Defendants

Defendants question benefit of new Michigan Sentencing lawMichigan defendants face a new level of uncertainty when they walk into criminal court for sentencing. The state Supreme Court’s decision may have been based on defendants’ right to a jury trial, but it doesn’t protect them from judicial discretion. Read the full post »

Gay Marriage Meets the Revocation of Paternity Act

Gay Marriage and the Revocation of Paternity ActThe public face of the marriage equality movement has always been about the dignity and respect due to gay and lesbian couples. Behind the scenes, though, there are thousands of state and federal laws that are affected by expanding the definition of marriage, including the Michigan Revocation of Paternity Act. In the next few years, the courts are going to be asked to figure out how the law works in same-sex marriages. Read the full post »

Student Suspended for Tweet Gets a Trial

Judge grants student suspended for two word tweet a trial“Actually yes.” Those two words got an honors student suspended, kicked out of school, and given the choice: withdraw or be expelled. Now that student has sued the school and the judge has ruled the case is going to trial. Read the full post »

Gay Divorce in Michigan is Now a Thing

Gay divorce is now legal in MichiganLGBT couples have found themselves in a legal gray area for years. Since the United States Supreme Court has struck down the state’s gay marriage ban, gay divorce in Michigan is now a thing. Read the full post »

Michigan Supreme Court Strikes Down Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Guidelines

Michigan Supreme Court strikes down mandatory minimum sentencing guidelinesLast week, the Michigan Supreme Court struck down that part of the state’s sentencing guidelines that requires judges to use facts not given to the jury to set mandatory minimum sentences. It’s a decision that could fundamentally change how criminal law works in Michigan. Read the full post »

Suspended for Facebook Posts? One Court Says No.

Suspended for Facebook Post? One Court Says No.Can a school suspend a student for angry posts on Facebook? Courts across the country have asked that question and come to different answers. Earlier this year one federal judge in Portland, Oregon said no. Read the full post »

EEOC Says Sexual Orientation Discrimination Is Sex Discrimination

EEOC rules that you can't be fired for your sexual orientation under Title VIIIn Michigan and states across the country, gay, lesbian, and bisexual citizens are closeted at work out of fear that they will be fired based on their sexual orientation. But last week the EEOC issued a ruling that could change that, equating sexual orientation discrimination to sex discrimination under Title VII. Read the full post »

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