Student Arrested For Writing About Shooting a Dinosaur

Student Arrested for creative writing assignment about shooting a dinosaurThe school year has just started down in Summerville South Carolina, but the questionable student arrests have already begun. The local high school had a 16 year old arrested for writing about shooting his neighbor’s dinosaur in a class assignment. Read the full post »

FAQs on PPOs

What You Need to Know About PPOsA Personal Protection Order (PPO) or “restraining order” can be a powerful tool when relationships break down. But there are some things you need to know before filing or responding to a petition in Michigan. Read the full post »

Chores Don’t Count as Forced Labor, Court Says

Can chores result in forced labor charges?Your children may act like cleaning their room or washing the dishes is tantamount to slavery, but the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers Michigan) has said that household chores don’t count as forced labor, even if they are enforced with physical abuse. Read the full post »

Could Michael Brown’s Story Change Police in America?

What could change after the Michael Brown protests?

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For the residents of Ferguson, Missouri, this has been a week of protests, riots, and violence. Outrage over the death of 18 year old Michael Brown has caused nightly clashes with police. The President and the Department of Justice have even gotten involved. But when the tear gas settles, will anything actually change? Read the full post »

Why a Lawyer is Important at Sentencing

A good criminal lawyer can be the difference at sentencing between probation and prisonLots of people think they know what happens in a criminal case. They’ve watched enough Law & Order to know that the verdict is the final word, right? Wrong. The Michigan sentencing guidelines – which apply in every felony case – leave the final decision on whether you go to jail or prison in the hands of the judge, not the jury.

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Marriage Equality Hits the 6th Circuit Court

Last Wednesday, August 6, 2014, The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals heard 6 back-to-back cases that together could change the face of gay marriage across the Midwest. Read the full post »

Will My Kids Have to Testify in Court?

Do kids have to testify in court?There are lots of reasons kids get involved in court. When mom or dad come in for consultations, one question is often “will my kids have to testify?” The answer depends on the type of case, and the child’s role. Read the full post »

TODAY: Michigan Rallies for Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality Rallies in Michigan TodayThe Michigan Marriage Equality case will be heard tomorrow in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. But even if you can’t get to Cincinnati, you can still show your support at one of the rallies behind held around the state this evening. Read the full post »

Michigan Legislature Protects Breastfeeding Mothers

Michigan protects breastfeeding in public placesThe debate has raged for decades: whether new mothers should be allowed to breastfeed their babies in public. Restaurants have refused to serve them or asked them to leave while feminists have called it natural and urged them to stay. Now the Michigan legislature has weighed in in favor of the right to breastfeed. Read the full post »

Can I Still Challenge Paternity After My Divorce?

The Divorce doesn't stop you from being able to challenge paternity, but your child's age might.If your wife has a child while you are married, you usually know it. But whether that child is yours isn’t always so clear. So what happens if you don’t find out about the other alleged father before the divorce is final? Read the full post »