Is 50/50 Custody Best for the Kids?

Should Dads get 50/50 custody?Fathers’ rights advocates are making news, pushing for 50/50 parenting time splits in most cases. But does this kind of legal presumption serve the children or just the fathers? Read the full post »

A Constitutional Right to Makeup?

A Constitutional Right to Makeup?What if someone told you to remove your makeup before a photo? Would you do it? What if that person was issuing your driver’s license? That was what happened to Chase Culpepper, 16-year-old new driver in South Carolina. But could Chase’s objection be a constitutional violation? Read the full post »

A Note From Your Children About Divorce

Notes from your children about divorceDivorce is stressful for everyone. Often, you are ending one of your longest and closest relationships and splitting apart everything you own into mine and his (or hers). Imagine for a moment what your children are experiencing: two people they love most in the world are at each other’s throats. Their home is being ripped in two. So when you’re dealing the kids during divorce, remember these notes from their side: Read the full post »

2 Rulings, 1 Week: A Summary of the Gay Marriage Debate

7th Circuit, Louisiana rule on gay marriageThe last week has been busy for gay marriage advocates. On Wednesday, September 3, 2014, a federal district court judge in Louisiana became the first since US v. Windsor, to uphold a gay marriage ban. The very next day, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Indiana’s and Wisconsin’s bans. The two opinions provide a clear review of the debate. Read the full post »

What Teachers Can Do To Reduce Suspensions

What can teachers do to improve discipline?School has started here in Michigan, and teachers are facing a whole new set of students, problems, and disciplinary challenges. But is there anything teachers can do to cut down on the number of suspensions handed out by their district? Read the full post »

While Michigan Waits, 7th Circuit Hammers Gay Marriage Ban

7th Circuit hears gay marriage cases, gives advocates reason to cheerIt as a good day for marriage equality last Thursday, August 28, 2014. Judges in the 7th Circuit put Illinois’ Solicitor General through his paces, demanding a factual basis for the state’s same-sex marriage ban. Read the full post »

Student Arrested For Writing About Shooting a Dinosaur

Student Arrested for creative writing assignment about shooting a dinosaurThe school year has just started down in Summerville South Carolina, but the questionable student arrests have already begun. The local high school had a 16 year old arrested for writing about shooting his neighbor’s dinosaur in a class assignment. Read the full post »

FAQs on PPOs

What You Need to Know About PPOsA Personal Protection Order (PPO) or “restraining order” can be a powerful tool when relationships break down. But there are some things you need to know before filing or responding to a petition in Michigan. Read the full post »

Chores Don’t Count as Forced Labor, Court Says

Can chores result in forced labor charges?Your children may act like cleaning their room or washing the dishes is tantamount to slavery, but the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers Michigan) has said that household chores don’t count as forced labor, even if they are enforced with physical abuse. Read the full post »

Could Michael Brown’s Story Change Police in America?

What could change after the Michael Brown protests?

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For the residents of Ferguson, Missouri, this has been a week of protests, riots, and violence. Outrage over the death of 18 year old Michael Brown has caused nightly clashes with police. The President and the Department of Justice have even gotten involved. But when the tear gas settles, will anything actually change? Read the full post »