Why I Can’t Answer “How Much Will My Divorce Cost?”

How Much Does Divorce Cost?If you are shopping for a lawyer, you may be getting a little frustrated that none of us attorneys will give you a straight answer on how much your will your divorce cost. Here’s why: there isn’t one. Read the full post »

Truancy for Trouble? Bill Would Strip Money From Absentees’ Families

Truancy as grounds to take away cash assistance?How do you get your teenager to stay in school? Grounding, privilege stripping, bribes? How about threatening to take away their food and housing? That’s what a bill that just passed the Michigan House of Representatives would do, and not just to the teen, but the whole family. Read the full post »

Local High School Censors Student Newspaper

Censoring a student newspaperRochester High School recently had a run in with constitutional law after administrators chose to censor photos in the school’s student-run newspaper. But it may have been within its rights to do so. Read the full post »

Does Drug Use Cause Domestic Violence?

Does drug abuse cause domestic violence?Domestic violence and drug use are big problems in American family courts today. Whether they result in a change of custody, Personal Protection Order (PPO), or parental rights termination proceedings, issues of substance abuse and domestic violence loom large in a judge’s decisions about the best interests of children and families in front of them. But does one necessarily lead to the other? Read the full post »

ABA Works to Dismantle the School to Prison Pipeline

We need to dismantle the school to prison pipelineThe School to Prison Pipeline and Zero Tolerance have been popular buzz words in the legal and educational communities over the last few years. Now the American Bar Association is calling for the pipeline to be dismantled, not just discussed. Read the full post »

The CW’s “The Flash” Stands Up For LGBT Equality (SPOILERS)

The Flash Stands Up for Marriage EqualityOne short, powerful scene in a recent episode of the CW’s “The Flash” says a lot about the importance of LGBT equality, and not just at the wedding altar. (This post will be discussing the episode, so there may be SPOILERS.) Read the full post »

Expelled for Hate Speech? A Constitutional Question

University of Oklahoma expels students for hate speechRecently, a racist and hateful song led the University of Oklahoma to expel two students and shut down the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat house. Now constitutional scholars across the country are throwing out their opinion about whether the students can be expelled for hate speech. Read the full post »

School as Democracy? Works in Colombia

Colombia setsan example for democracy in schoolsWhen you think of top countries for education reform, you may think of Japan, China, the U.S. or Finland. Colombia probably doesn’t make the list. But the country’s Escuela Nueva learning model is turning school into democracy and improving the education of countless Colombian children. Read the full post »

What Ashton Kutcher’s Tweet Says About Dads’ Parenting Time

Ashton Kutcher post supports dads' parenting timeActor Ashton Kutcher has been making news lately because of a Facebook post calling out restaurants for not putting baby changing stations in their men’s rooms. The comment has renewed a valuable debate about Dads’ parenting time and what it looks like to be a father. Read the full post »