Expelled at 4? Preschools Look Ways to Reduce Misbehavior

Schools expel preschoolers rather than deal with traumaImagine getting a call in the middle of the day. Your 4 year old needs to come home. He (or she) has been hitting or biting other students and has been expelled. What would you do? Read the full post »

Joint Custody: Are 2 Homes Better Than 1?

Is Joint Custody better for your child?There has been a lot of talk recently about how important two parent households are to children’s well-being. But when divorce or separation is the best choice, is there anything you can do to make the situation better for your kids? Maybe you should consider joint custody. Read the full post »

School Discipline: A Principal or Police Issue?

School Discipline: A Principal or Police Issue?A student has disrupted class for the third time this week. The teacher can’t seem to maintain control. But what should the next step be? And should it be up to the principal or the police? Read the full post »

Ann Arbor Schools Ban Guns on Premises

Guns banned from Ann Arbor SchoolsAn Ann Arbor Schools choir concert turned hairy after a family member openly carried a gun into Pioneer High School. In response to the community’s concerns, the school board recently approved a policy declaring school property a “dangerous weapon-free” zone. Read the full post »

Review: Supreme Court Hears Gay Marriage Cases

Supreme Court hears gay marriageIt’s been all over the news: on Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard cases that could legalize gay marriage nationwide. There won’t be a ruling until June, but the question for every LGBT advocate is, “What will they decide?” Read the full post »

TOMORROW: Gay Marriage Goes to the Supreme Court

Gay marriage goes to the Supreme CourtTomorrow is the big day – the day when Michigan lawyers and advocates will head to the Supreme Court to make the case for (and against) gay marriage. But even as the Court weighs the future of gay marriage, legislators back home are finding new ways to make life hard for LGBT families. Read the full post »

Judge Rules Michigan Sex Offender Registry Act Unconstitutional

Michigan Sex Offender Registry Act struck down as vagueOn March 31, 2015,  a federal district court judge has ruled parts of the Michigan Sex Offender Registry Act are unconstitutional. But maybe not for the reasons you would expect. Read the full post »

Revising No Child Left Behind

Legislators seek to modify No Child Left BehindU.S. Senators from the right and the left are working together to get the federal government out of the school administration business. By revising No Child Left Behind, legislators hope to shift more power back to the states. Read the full post »

Why I Can’t Answer “How Much Will My Divorce Cost?”

How Much Does Divorce Cost?If you are shopping for a lawyer, you may be getting a little frustrated that none of us attorneys will give you a straight answer on how much your will your divorce cost. Here’s why: there isn’t one. Read the full post »

Truancy for Trouble? Bill Would Strip Money From Absentees’ Families

Truancy as grounds to take away cash assistance?How do you get your teenager to stay in school? Grounding, privilege stripping, bribes? How about threatening to take away their food and housing? That’s what a bill that just passed the Michigan House of Representatives would do, and not just to the teen, but the whole family. Read the full post »