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Disrupting Class or Resisting Arrest?

Last week, social media was enraged by the conduct of one police officer in one school with one student. But despite the statement of the Sheriff who fired him, this wasn’t ultimately about policy. It’s about the ever shrinking line between disrupting class and resisting arrest.

School Shootings and the Problem With School Security

School Shootings and the Problem with School Security

Over the last two weeks the news once again was filled with stories of yet another school shooting. A gunman brought several weapons to Umpqua Community College where he killed 10 students and injured seven more. Whenever these tragic stories hit the news, we as a country tend to react by throwing more security into […]

A Muslim Student, a Clock, and a Lesson on School Justice


A young Muslim student was arrested and suspended recently when an English teacher thought a homemade clock looked like a bomb. The incident raised concerns of discrimination and Islamophobia. But what is the arrest telling the students of MacArthur High School about school justice?

Student Suspended for Tweet Gets a Trial

Judge grants student suspended for two word tweet a trial

“Actually yes.” Those two words got an honors student suspended, kicked out of school, and given the choice: withdraw or be expelled. Now that student has sued the school and the judge has ruled the case is going to trial.

Suspended for Facebook Posts? One Court Says No.

Suspended for Facebook Post? One Court Says No.

Can a school suspend a student for angry posts on Facebook? Courts across the country have asked that question and come to different answers. Earlier this year one federal judge in Portland, Oregon said no.

Married Without Children: Michigan Approves Adoption Discrimination

Michigan allows LGBT adoption discrimination

The Supreme Court just granted marriage equality to gay couples across the nation. The decision has many gay marriage advocates preparing for the end of a hard battle. But the Michigan Legislature has shown that when it comes to LGBT adoption discrimination, the fight is far from over.

What You Missed At Last Week's Special Education Panel

ACLU School to Prison Pipeline Special Education Panel

On May 28, 2015, dedicated students’ advocates, parents, and teachers gathered to learn about what they could do to help special education students get the educational help they need. If you missed it, here’s a quick summary.

Join the Special Education Rights Discussion on 5/28/15

ACLU Special Needs Panel finds ways to make graduation possible.

One week from tonight, Lisa J. Schmidt of Schmidt Law Services will be involved with a panel on Special Education and the School to Prison Pipeline hosted by the ACLU of Michigan. Parents, come find out what you should expect from your school, and what your student’s rights are.

Expelled at 4? Preschools Look Ways to Reduce Misbehavior

Schools expel preschoolers rather than deal with trauma

Imagine getting a call in the middle of the day. Your 4 year old needs to come home. He (or she) has been hitting or biting other students and has been expelled. What would you do?

Ann Arbor Schools Ban Guns on Premises

Guns banned from Ann Arbor Schools

An Ann Arbor Schools choir concert turned hairy after a family member openly carried a gun into Pioneer High School. In response to the community’s concerns, the school board recently approved a policy declaring school property a “dangerous weapon-free” zone.

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