Marriage Equality Hits the 6th Circuit Court

Last Wednesday, August 6, 2014, The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals heard 6 back-to-back cases that together could change the face of gay marriage across the Midwest. (more…)

Will My Kids Have to Testify in Court?

Do kids have to testify in court?There are lots of reasons kids get involved in court. When mom or dad come in for consultations, one question is often “will my kids have to testify?” The answer depends on the type of case, and the child’s role. (more…)

TODAY: Michigan Rallies for Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality Rallies in Michigan TodayThe Michigan Marriage Equality case will be heard tomorrow in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. But even if you can’t get to Cincinnati, you can still show your support at one of the rallies behind held around the state this evening. (more…)

Can I Still Challenge Paternity After My Divorce?

The Divorce doesn't stop you from being able to challenge paternity, but your child's age might.If your wife has a child while you are married, you usually know it. But whether that child is yours isn’t always so clear. So what happens if you don’t find out about the other alleged father before the divorce is final? (more…)

Michigan Republicans Support Marriage Equality

26 Michigan GOP Republicans publicly support Marriage Equality and gay marriageThe Michigan Marriage Equality case is headed to the Court of Appeals in August. But among the over 50 pleadings was one that may surprise you: an amicus brief signed by 26 influential members of the Michigan Republican party asking the court to rule in favor of LGBT couples across the state. (more…)

MI Supreme Court Protects Parents’ Rights

Each Parent Must Be Found Unfit Before Children Can Be RemovedParents have a fundamental constitutional right to care for their children, but for 70 years, Michigan has allowed courts to take one parent’s children away because of the behavior of the other parent. But on June 2, 2014, the Michigan Supreme Court put an end to the practice by ruling the “One Parent Doctrine” unconstitutional. (more…)

Why Isn’t Child Maltreatment Taken More Seriously?

Why isn't child abuse a factor in custody?Child custody in Michigan is decided based on 12 Best Interest Factors. These factors cover everything from love and affection to physical health of the parents, to domestic violence. But none of the factors explicitly address abuse or neglect of the children. If a judge is trying to decide what is in the child’s best interest, shouldn’t the child’s treatment be at the center of that discussion? (more…)

Is Surrogacy Legal in Michigan?

Is Surrogacy Legal in Michigan?You and your spouse want to have a child, but you are unable to carry a child to term. You have explored your options and have found that there is no way for your wife to bear the pregnancy. What do you do? Is there another legal option? (more…)

Divorce Trials Can Be Hell For Domestic Violence Survivors

Divorce Can Be Hell for Domestic Abuse SurviorsDomestic violence is a part of hundreds of thousands of Americans’ lives every day. A woman in the U.S. is beaten every 9 seconds. Legal clinics and shelters like the Family Law Assistance Project and Haven in Oakland County help survivors get away from abusive partners. But divorce can be a painful and sometimes dangerous part of the process. (more…)

Michigan Considers Law to Regulate Collaborative Process

Michigan Considers Regulating Collaborative DivorceThe phrase “Collaborative Divorce” has been something of a trend among family lawyers over the past decade. Informal organizations like the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan, exist to offer training in non-adversarial conflict resolution and help people find trained attorneys and professionals. But there has been no law regulating the practice. Now the Michigan legislature is considering a bill that would formalize and regulate the process. (more…)