Should Surrogacy be Legal?

Should Surrogacy be Legal in Michigan?Is surrogacy like prostitution? Should it be regulated or does it inherently exploit the surrogate mother? Should Michigan change its law banning surrogacy for compensation? Check out the arguments and then weigh in for yourself. (more…)

‘Til Retirement Do Us Part? The Rise of Gray Divorce

Why are more gray divorces happening?The Internet is filled with stories of happily married old couples. But a growing number of older adults are getting divorced. What is causing this rise of the “gray divorce”? (more…)

Domestic Violence and Parenting Time: The Control Game

Domestic Violence victims need strong advocates when it comes to parenting timeIn honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I want to address one of the most painful parts of family law: the intersection of abuse and parenting time. (more…)

The History and Future of Marriage Equality (With Maps)

The map of marriage equality in the U.S. is changing so fast, it’s hard to keep up. The Supreme Court denied certiorari (hearings) to the 5 states before it on Monday, October 6 2014, and the 9th Circuit struck down the bans in Idaho and Nevada on Tuesday, October 7, 2014. That brings the total number of states where gay marriage is now or will soon be legal to 35. Here’s how we got there. (more…)

Police Ask Victims to Prove Rape, Domestic Violence

police ask victims to prove rape, domestic violenceImagine waking up and realizing that you have been raped or sexually assaulted. Imagine the fear and confusion and shock as you try to figure out what happened and what you should do. Now imagine the police put the weight of the investigation entirely on your shoulders. What would you do? (more…)

Should Spanking Be Illegal?

Should Spanking Be Illegal?The nation is in an uproar over NFL running back Adrian Peterson’s criminal conviction for “spanking” his 4-year-old son. As reporters, psychologists, and sports casters weigh in on when and how and if corporal punishment is appropriate in disciplining one’s children. But is spanking be a recipe for an obedient child or a criminal conviction? (more…)

“Favorite Child” May Mean More Than You Think

Which one is your favorite child?Most parents will deny having a favorite child. They’ll say “I love them all equally” or “in their own way.” But research shows that how your children perceive favoritism could affect their education and even their juvenile record. (more…)

Is 50/50 Custody Best for the Kids?

Should Dads get 50/50 custody?Fathers’ rights advocates are making news, pushing for 50/50 parenting time splits in most cases. But does this kind of legal presumption serve the children or just the fathers? (more…)

A Note From Your Children About Divorce

Notes from your children about divorceDivorce is stressful for everyone. Often, you are ending one of your longest and closest relationships and splitting apart everything you own into mine and his (or hers). Imagine for a moment what your children are experiencing: two people they love most in the world are at each other’s throats. Their home is being ripped in two. So when you’re dealing the kids during divorce, remember these notes from their side: (more…)

2 Rulings, 1 Week: A Summary of the Gay Marriage Debate

7th Circuit, Louisiana rule on gay marriageThe last week has been busy for gay marriage advocates. On Wednesday, September 3, 2014, a federal district court judge in Louisiana became the first since US v. Windsor, to uphold a gay marriage ban. The very next day, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Indiana’s and Wisconsin’s bans. The two opinions provide a clear review of the debate. (more…)