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Local Church Offers Effective Parenting Class

Local Church Offers Parenting Class

Are you a perfect parent? It’s safe to say no because, let’s face it, no one is. Parenting can be challenging, especially when you share custodial responsibilities with an ex-spouse or co-parent. Now a local church is offering a parenting class to help.

How Will the DHS Merger Affect Michigan Families?

Governor Snyder announces DHS merger

In Michigan’s State of the State address, Governor Snyder announced that he would be merging the Department of Human Services and the Department of Community Health in an attempt to address people, not problems. But how this merger will happen and how it will affect Michigan families remains to be seen.

Schmidt Law Services Comes to Ferndale

Schmidt Law Services is coming to Ferndale!

Family Law Firm Moves to Ferndale to be closer to clients, business community.

Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt Wrote the Book on Hearsay

Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt Wrote the Book on Hearsay

Lawyers and law students everywhere shudder when they think about hearsay. This complex evidence rule excludes “he said/she said” evidence unless the circumstances of the statement prove that it is particularly reliable. But the general rule is riddled with exceptions and exclusions that make TV court’s “Objection, Hearsay!” laughable in its simplicity.That’s whyMichigan’s Institute for […]

Michigan's RFRA and Adoption Agencies Bills OK Discrimination

Michigan House Bills OK Discrimination

In the past week, the Michigan House of Representatives has approved 4 different bills, each of which allows discrimination and refusal of service to anyone based on the religious beliefs of the one serving. Many believe that this is a veiled attempt to OK discrimination against the LGBT community. And it may well be. But […]

Ferndale Schools Close Digital Learning Center over Gun Incident

It may be easy to tune out school violence on the news, but when it happens in your own back yard it can become impossible to ignore. For the Ferndale School District, a recent near miss has sent a clear message. On November 7, 2014, the district announced it would close its Digital Learning Center.

Your Vote Tomorrow Could Change Marriage Equality

The President may not be up for a vote, but with governors, representatives, and judges on the ballot, tomorrow’s election could change the climate of marriage equality in Michigan. Find out where they stand and then look up where to vote before the polls open in the morning.

Abercrombie Goes to the Supreme Court over Religious Discrimination

Imagine your boss telling you to take off your cross necklace or go home. Or wearing your religious headscarf to an interview and having it cost you the job. Would you be angry? For one Muslim woman, the issue was serious enough to take it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Could Michael Brown's Story Change Police in America?

For the residents of Ferguson, Missouri, this has been a week of protests, riots, and violence. Outrage over the death of 18 year old Michael Brown has caused nightly clashes with police. The President and the Department of Justice have even gotten involved. But when the tear gas settles, will anything actually change?

TODAY: Michigan Rallies for Marriage Equality

The Michigan Marriage Equality case will be heard tomorrow in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. But even if you can’t get to Cincinnati, you can still show your support at one of the rallies behind held around the state this evening.

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