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Your Vote Tomorrow Could Change Marriage Equality

file0001083121666The President may not be up for a vote, but with governors, representatives, and judges on the ballot, tomorrow’s election could change the climate of marriage equality in Michigan. Find out where they stand and then look up where to vote before the polls open in the morning.


The big ticket on Michigan’s ballot in 2014 is Snyder versus Schauer for governor. Rick Snyder was elected as governor in 2010 and is one of the defendants in Michigan’s marriage equality case. After the District Court ruled Michigan’s marriage ban unconstitutional, Snyder said that the 300+ gay and lesbian couples who were married were legally married, but that the state wouldn’t recognize them until the appeal was final. During the campaign, Snyder has said he “will respect what happens in our court system,” but has refused to give a personal stance on gay marriage.

Mark Schauer, on the other hand, is a strong LGBT supporter and has pledged to appoint members of the LGBT community to key state positions. He has said the state’s current policies are driving away qualified, talented employees from Michigan.

Attorney General

The current Attorney General, Bill Schuette, has led the charge against gay marriage in Michigan, spending taxpayer money on discredited experts and an expensive appeal. His position is that he had to do so:

“I took an oath to observe and protect and defend the constitution and that’s not a discretionary exercise.”

His opponent, Mark Totten, blames Schuette for leaving foster children orphans rather than let them be adopted by gay couples. He has been endorsed by Between the Lines, a key LGBT newspaper.

Supreme Court Justices

There are 8 candidates for the 2 Supreme Court seats up for election this year. The election is non-partisan, but candidates are nominated by the various political parties. Right now, Republicans hold a 5-2 edge on the court. Between the Lines endorses blind litigator Richard Bernstein and Circuit Court Judge Deborah A. Thomas.

It is very important to vote all the way down the ticket, including electing Supreme Court Justices. The winners of this election, along with the other 5 justices will have the final word on enforcing and interpreting the upcoming decision of the 6th Circuit.

Tomorrow’s election could change the face of marriage equality in Michigan. The incoming attorney general will decide whether to appeal the 6th Circuit’s decision. The governor will direct the enforcement of the law, including the issuing of future marriage licenses. The Supreme Court Justices will be the ones resolving the inevitable disputes over marriage equality and adoption.

Don’t leave such a key issue up to other people’s vote. Use the WordPress Voter Information Tool below to find your voting location and the PrideSource Voter Guide to help you understand all the candidates’ perspectives on LGBT rights.


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